KAMILAH Jewelry Box
KAMILAH Jewelry Box
KAMILAH Jewelry Box
KAMILAH Jewelry Box

KAMILAH Jewelry Box

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Get yourself a piece of Hand-crafted Philippine Mother of Pearl jewelry box which can be used to store, organize and protect jewelry, precious stones, antiques or small souvenirs. An attractive box that can also be used as a decorative piece in home decoration.

This jewelry box has been crafted using traditional Philippine mother-of-pearl inlays. The mother-of-pearl inlay is the craftsmanship of seashells. Oysters, molluscs and abalone shells and are naturally lined with calcium carbonate crystals. These crystals produce iridescent colors when they reflect light.

The shells are embedded in a design on a wooden box and then glazed with protective lacquer. The result is a reflection with a shiny finish touch. Because crystals form naturally, each inlay has a slightly unique, light-reflecting appearance. 


  • Gift ideas: valentine day, engagement, wedding, hostess gift, birthday, anniversary or the perfect self-purchase gift
  • Display on a shelf
  • Home decoration

 This jewelry box comes in three different designs and type which are TALA Jewelry Box, Hanan jewelry Box and Kamilah Jewelry Box.